Thank You

Thank you, I do want you to know that my wife and neighbor….. were very pleased with the whole experience. This was their 2nd marathon but they have ran many 1/2 marathons and they were impressed with the whole effort. I think the only thing they complained about was when they dropped down to the river it was hard to pass someone because you had to jump to the other track......but they said the scenery was worth that inconvenience. Hey, I can't complain husbands put in our pontoon boats at Stone Bridge, and about 3/4 the way down I caught a 23'" 6 lb brown trout on my fly pole, what a thrill. We were able to still be at the finish line when they came in (or we would have been dead ducks). I hope you keep it up....who knows I may join in next year....1/2 not whole...the old body wouldn't hold up for that length... I'm a mountain biker. Thanks again. D & K Idaho