Fourth Marathon - Family Favorite So Far

Much to my surprise yesterday, I opened my mailbox to find the sweatshirt that I had worn for the first several miles of the race!! Wow... thank you for tracking me down. Around mile 6 or 8, I had simply tossed the sweatshirt to an aid station with the instruction "Find a good home for this." I figured they'd keep it or donate it... I had no expectation that it would be returned. I deeply appreciate the fact that whoever was at the aid station noted my bib number, and that the shirt found its way back to me here in Virginia.

By the way, this was my fourth marathon, and our family favorite so far. My wife and son were able to get much more involved in this one than in any prior ones. I think the fact that they were able to see me so often on the point-to-point course gave them a much better appreciation of what it is like to actually run one of these. Plus, my son actually jumped out of the crowd near the end and ran with me to the finish line!!

The photo my wife took at that point shows a father with a smile a million miles wide... rather than the exhausted person who had just run 26.2 miles. Thanks again for a job well-done overall!! B & V, Virginia