Marathon: $85 | Half Marathon: $80 
$40 per person up to 8 people, additional teammates free, but require registration. (Must use mail-in form must be used for team greater than 8 runners) 
10K | 5K: $25 | Family Fun Run $15 (see more pricing info here)
Ashton, Idaho - Travel and Airport Info

Thanks to you and your team...

Thanks to you and your team for a grand time in Ashton, ID!! The scenery was spectacular, the support was excellent and the massage was the best. I had a wonderful weekend. The worst part was coming back to work today. This was my 60th marathon and I'd have to put you in my top 10. I don't do large urban races anymore. I don't need a rock band to get me through the miles. Sky scrapers are not inspiring. Majestic scenery takes me to a zen place and I usually finish with a smile on my face. You provide a grand venue and back it up with well organized support. THANK YOU. DR, California--50 Stater, Marathon Maniac #107