Marathon: $85 | Half Marathon: $80 
$40 per person up to 8 people, additional teammates free, but require registration. (Must use mail-in form must be used for team greater than 8 runners) 
10K | 5K: $25 | Family Fun Run $15 (see more pricing info here)
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Runners Comments

This is my all time favorite race. I think about this more than I think about Boston even. It was gorgeous, fun, cool, exciting, challenging, rewarding, and extremely friendly. Best aid stations I've seen. Genuinely nice people run the race. This race typifies everything you love about running itself. It's a pure runner's race and an unforgettable experience.

Race Year: 2016 | Added: October 25, 2016,

"This was a delightful experience for me. I especially loved the trail run, which started past mile 13. The start on the gravel road was beautiful but a little rough on the feet. Also, the water stops were manned by wonderfully friendly people, but at the first, they seemed a bit overwhelmed. More volunteers are needed. An absolutely divine course for me." 
- Daniel Weaver, Review

"We loved the race!!!! First rate job - wonderful volunteers, excellent organization, great food, shirts, medals, beautiful course!!!!! Loved it!"
- Cherry Kent, Review

I just want to thank you for the age award you sent me in the mail. I have run over 50 marathons and I have come to realize that there is so much more enjoyment to running when you don't chase the clock. By far this was my longest time to complete a marathon and even got an award :)), but BY FAR one of my top 2 marathons I have ever run. From the community involvement, run organization and beautiful scenery....THE BEST!!! Running was secondary to visiting with people along the run and simply enjoying the surroundings along the way. I am almost finished with my goal to run all 50 states, but when that is complete I will be back to experience this marathon again, and will definitely stay longer. Thank you for all your hard work and such an awesome experience for me!! Please extend my thanks to everyone involved.

Donna Kluck
Waco, Texas

While it has been two weeks since the 2014 version of the Mesa Falls marathon, I still have a smile on my face when thinking of the entire experience!  You, and all the volunteers of the Ashton area, are remarkable in the personal touches you all provided throughout the weekend.  It has been said that the “devil is in the details” or that “little things make a difference”and the Mesa Falls marathon drove those points home.  Obviously, the weather could not be controlled, yet the work done to repair some of the washed out areas on the first part of the course were phenomenal.  And, then throughout the race itself, mother nature presented a few more “opportunities”, yet everyone greeted the runners with such hospitality.  I found myself looking forward to the aid stations and having a chance to visit with the volunteers.  And, never (in over 30 marathons) have I seen each aid station provide such a consistent array of energy sources – even for those of us at the back of the pack.

I belong to a running group here in the Dallas area...and have been singing your praises since returning home and encouraging any interested in a morning spent with awe inspiring nature...and equally inspiring run Mesa Falls.

Please share my appreciation with any and all volunteers and aid station workers.  You all make a difference!

Thank you,


I have been meaning to drop you a note and tell you how impressed we were with your marathon, and your beautiful state. My husband and I have been race directors for several small local races, and we can only imagine the work that goes into putting on a marathon and half marathon. You guys make it look easy! And I know it is anything but. Everything was so perfect from the helpful race instructions you e-mailed ahead of time, the pasta dinner, the breakfast, the smooth and easy transportation to the start, the BEAUTIFUL course - I suppose you were also responsible for all the friendly folks we ran with - the cheering section and tireless announcer at the finish line, the home baked bread and boysenberry malt, and very especially the very cool race shirt that fit everyone from my XL husband to women's S me! Very cool! We were all grins all weekend. You can see in the attached photo that Bobby and I are also sporting our potato lapel pins. The only sad note was that my warm-up jacket did not turn up at the finish line. It was inexpensive, and I told myself no big deal, but I have missed it, and was in fact on my way out the door to shop for another jacket when the mailman arrived with your package containing my jacket! Far beyond the call of duty. You have my heartfelt thanks, and I am recommending your marathon to all our marathoning friends. Many happy miles to you all, and many thanks again for putting on a world-class race. PB, Illinois

Much to my surprise yesterday, I opened my mailbox to find the sweatshirt that I had worn for the first several miles of the race!! Wow... thank you for tracking me down. Around mile 6 or 8, I had simply tossed the sweatshirt to an aid station with the instruction "Find a good home for this." I figured they'd keep it or donate it... I had no expectation that it would be returned. I deeply appreciate the fact that whoever was at the aid station noted my bib number, and that the shirt found its way back to me here in Virginia. By the way, this was my fourth marathon, and our family favorite so far. My wife and son were able to get much more involved in this one than in any prior ones. I think the fact that they were able to see me so often on the point-to-point course gave them a much better appreciation of what it is like to actually run one of these. Plus, my son actually jumped out of the crowd near the end and ran with me to the finish line!! The photo my wife took at that point shows a father with a smile a million miles wide... rather than the exhausted person who had just run 26.2 miles. Thanks again for a job well-done overall!! B & V, Virginia 

So glad I came back, it was every bit as lovely and fun as I remembered. We drove home through Yellowstone this year, so that was especially memorable. Thank you for all you do to put on a first-class event. I love small races and yours is just grand. AY, South Dakota

Thank you for all you did! It was my first race and I had a blast! Ann, Idaho 

Meredith and I wanted to thank you for an amazing marathon from pre-race dinner to the marathon itself to post race. We have never seen a community get behind an event like Ashton. Though we are from San Antonio, TX, I am originally from a small West Texas town of 800. Ashton reminded me of a small hometown's good points over a large city such as San Antonio…..B & M, Texas